At the intersection of design, technology, and academia, my 20-year professional career has been defined by an unwavering dedication to innovation. As an Assistant Professor in the Design BFA program at Queens College, CUNY, my diverse experience—ranging from graphic and interaction design to web development, full-stack development, data analysis, and data visualization design—forms the backbone of my professional, scholarly and teaching pursuits. My expertise extends into data-driven design, interaction design, entrepreneurship, and the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence, enriching my pedagogical approach with a blend of practical mastery and theoretical exploration.

My professional engagement consistently intersects with the latest in design and emergent technologies, through a broad spectrum of consulting and entrepreneurial projects. Notably, as the founder and CEO of Datavisual, I have pioneered a data visualization tool that marries statistical analysis with dynamic visual storytelling, serving a global user base of over twenty thousand. My co-founding of BigPlay highlights my commitment to socially impactful technology, with its premier project, Splat!, setting a Guinness World Record and partnering with AT&T and VICE Media at SXSW for their Mobile Movement event. My venture into musical technology with ThinkingHz demonstrates my belief in cross-disciplinary education, offering DIY musical kits that bridge electrical engineering and sound art.

My role as a Creative Technologist Fellow for Color Of Change, supported by the Media Democracy Fund and the Ford Foundation, has been pivotal in leveraging technology for social justice, leading to significant contributions to the organization’s growth and achievements. This partnership, evolving from a one-year fellowship to a multi-year consultancy, significantly contributed to Color Of Change’s growth and operational capacity, epitomized by substantial fundraising success in the millions and an increase in membership by 9 million. Continuing this partnership, I am actively involved in redesigning their website to better serve the over 30,000 monthly users.

I have presented my research and projects at prestigious forums such as the Outlier Conference, San Diego Design Week, and the Hawaii University International Conference, and participated in artist residencies like Catskill’s Catwalk, focusing on capabilities and ethical quandaries around generative AI. My role as Maker-In-Residence at the New York Hall of Science, where I am developing installations on data sculpture, underscores my commitment to innovative research. Supported by grants and awards totaling $178,000 from the Ford Foundation, Media Democracy Fund, and Mellon Foundation, my work has been showcased in international exhibitions and featured in academic publications like the “Future of Data Science” anthology, Message Journal, and Design Museum Magazine.

The recognition of my work extends to features in Fast Company, The Guardian, and Make Magazine, reflecting the societal and professional impact of my research and creative pursuits. At Queens College, I have developed and introduced courses directly reflecting my professional expertise, such as Creative Coding, Physical Computing, Data Visualization, and Web Design 2, positioning our students at the forefront of the design technology sector. My curriculum design emphasizes the integration of design principles with technical skills, nurturing a comprehensive understanding of design principles, user experience, data and emerging technologies.

Beyond my instructional role, I have significantly contributed to the enhancement of the Design BFA program and the academic community at Queens College. My involvement in the development of the Queens College Makerspace, notably augmented by a two million dollar National Science Foundation grant, and my participation in the CUNY Middle States recertification process for educational effectiveness, highlight my dedication to academic excellence. My recent appointment as the Education Director on the Board of Directors for the Data Visualization Society, with its 31,000 members, underscores my influence in the field.

My scholarly and professional journey is a testament to the seamless integration of technology and design within education, marked by rigorous research and creative application. As I embark on developing an AI x Design course and further my expertise through the Applied Data Science certificate program at MIT, my commitment to leading at the edge of design technology education continues to grow.